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Privacy Policy

The Games Astra Studios (hereinafter referred to as ďWeĒ) High respect to its users and their privacy rights and guarantees the preservation of information of all its users.  

1.      General Provisions:

1.1  This document ďPrivacy PolicyĒ (hereinafter referred to as ďPolicyĒ) consists methods of gathering of terms and information about the User (hereinafter also referred to as ďYouĒ) by Games Astra Studios.

1.2  By downloading and installing you fully accept the terms of privacy.

1.3  We strictly comply with all relevant legislative & legitimate requirements, and, in the event of any inconsistency, the legislative requirements will override the provisions of this document.

1.4  However, we reserve the rights to amend our Privacy Policy at any time without any prior notification to the users, and such amendments will be effective right from the date and time of issuance on our website.

1.5  If user is a minor at law (hereinafter referred to as underage 18 in countries including Australia and the United States, though this age may vary depending on the location of the user) then must get parental information, such as device ID, other persistent identifier linked to the device or computer, which may be used by a child to use the Service.

1.6  This Policy is an integral part of the documents referring to it including account holding apps/games End User License Agreements accompanying Applications and specifying the terms of use of the relevant Applications. 

2.      Userís Information

2.1.   Userís information in this Policy/Consent shall be taken in this regard that its associated with a certain user in both senses, either provided by the user and collected automatically by Games Astra Studios. Although such user may not be identifiable and such information shall remain anonymous, completely. 


2.2. Games Astra Studios processes information given by the user whether by filling forms in the relevant fields, including filling in userís profile, approaching Games Astra Studios for technical support or using the feedback form etc. Games Astra Studios does contain the rights to set the content of the information that is mandatory to be given by or discloses by the user at his own discretion.

2.3.   Filling in Userís profile in the forms that User provides, that information contains; name (nickname).


2.4.   This information may identify an individual or may be of a private and/or sensitive nature. Users of the Site/App/Game automatically provide their IP address (or Mac Address) mainly for enhancing the Userís experience and for geo-location and security purposes just for the sake of authentication systems.


2.5.   Moreover, Games Astra Studios creates a unique ID of each User (a userís identifier). This userís identifier is linked to the information of the Userís profile.


2.6.   Games Astra Studios collects the data on the Userís interaction with a game/app and other players inside the game via server that Games Astra Studios own, Application, or game log files. Such information can be linked to the playerís identifier. 


2.7.   Besides the Games Astra Studios following mentioned anonymous data when user installs the app and uses it: the unique identifier of the device (persistent or non-persistent), Medium Access Control address (MAC-address), advertising identifier, model and other information about the mobile device, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), name, IP-address, browser details, timestamps and referring pages, information about communication network, location, information about the OS. We do not collect any Personal Information from you or related to you without your approval, which is obtained, through your active acceptance to the Terms and the Privacy Policy and from Consent Dialog from within App/Game.


2.8.   The legal basis on which Games Astra Studios relies for the use of Userís information includes:

2.8.1 Proper processing of Userís information where he/she has provided consent for one or more specific purposes

2.8.2. Proper processing of Userís information that is mandatory for performance of app/games to which User is relevant;

2.8.3. Proper processing of Userís information that is compulsory to take steps at Userís request prior to become agreed with Games Astra Studios contract;

2.8.4. Proper processing of Userís data that is necessary for Games Astra Studios to comply with a legal duties;




3. Purpose of Data/Information Collection


3.1††††† Non-Personal data is being used solely for sake of statistical and research and for customization and improvement of our Site/App/Game

3.2      To respond back users, their information is being used when users contact us by Emails/Facebook or to reply their reviews in the same manner.

3.3     Personal Information including Location/IP address is being used to show Ads according to respective location of the user. In general terms we call this contextual advertisement.

3.4         We use the information we collect about you/your device to deliver services to you and to operate our business. Such use by us and by our Partners may include:

3.5  Delivering Our Services: Developing, delivering and improving our products, services, and content, tailoring our products and services, providing software updates and product support, understanding and analysing trends in connection with usage of the Apps, administering the Apps, and customer communications.

3.6  Displaying Advertisements: Displaying third party advertisements in our Apps and showing advertisements for our Apps in other publisherís apps.

3.7  Cross-promotion: Cross Promoting our Apps and services, meaning we may promote one of our Apps while you are playing a different App of ours.

3.8  Analytics and Research: understanding and analysing trends in connection with the usage of the Apps, gathering demographic information about our user base, data about where the App was downloaded from. We may also create reports and analysis for the purposes of research or business intelligence, for example to track potential problems or trends with our Apps and services, or to test our new game features and content. We use the data we receive from Third Party Social Network only for internal analytics. For opting out from analytics please visit Opt-Out Section of this Privacy Policy.


4.       Services to Keep Track


4.1.   Below are provider names of some of the third-party analytics and advertising services we use. Please see the links below to learn more about the privacy policy of our third-party service providers.



         Unity Ads:         


         Google Analytics:


         Game Analytics:








5.     Transfer of Userís Information:


Games Astra Studios may keep the rights to transfer Userís data to the third parties. However, the user expressly agree that we may transfer and store your information on servers and equipment located in any territory, including, without limitation, Australia and the United States of America etc.



6.      With regard to children


To use of Site/App/Games, you must be over the age of thirteen. Therefore, we do not knowingly collect Personal Information from children under the age of thirteen and does not wish to do so. We reserve the right to request proof of age at any stage so that we can verify that minors under the age of thirteen are not using the Site. Meanwhile, the persons under 13 are not allowed to provide any kind of personal information. If Games Astra Studios gets to know any such activity, it reserves the rights to delete or discard such information given by the user or elders can contact us at



7. Security: 


We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure. In order to prevent any misuse, theft, loss, alteration, destruction, unauthorized access or disclosure we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online.



8.     The 3rd Parties:


8.1.                   Purchases. If you pay for any Games Astra Studios item with your banking card, please, pay attention while your cardís number is transferred via the Internet it is securely coded. We (referred to as Games Astra Studios) duly note that we don not preserve or store any such information of the user. It is directly transferred to the company that works with your bank. In this case payment with a banking card on the Internet isnít different from any payment for a purchase in a usual shop. Meanwhile, we guarantee the security of your information as well.


†††† 8.2.                   Advertising: By using our Website/Apps, you may be offered advertising content. We or the ad networks we use may utilize ad-serving technologies that use cookies, beacons, tracking pixels and other technologies that are placed within the ads and allow us or our networks to collect Non-Personal Information. Non-Personal Information such as age and gender may be used to ensure that appropriate advertising is offered to you. Usage Data and Non-Personal Information such as advertising identifiers may be used to determine how many clicks an ad received, to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns, to determine the proper amount of repeat views of a given ad, and/or to deliver ads that best relate to your interests. Depending on your device and its operating system, you may be able to choose to prevent your deviceís ad identifier being used for interest-based advertising or reset your deviceís ad identifier by changing the settings of your device.

                   Analytics. The Applications can use technologies of collection and processing of anonymized information provided by the outside business services providers: Google Analytics, Firebase Analytics, Unity Analytics. These outside providers can have access to the following data: the identifier of your device, MAC-address, IMEI, IP-address, location (based on IP-address to the accuracy of country, region, and city) which enables them to provide their services according to their privacy policies.


8.4.                 Links to Other Websites/Apps/Games: 


Our game may contain advertising and links to other websites of interest. However, once you have used these links to leave our site, you should note that we do not have any control over that other website. Therefore, we cannot be responsible for the protection and privacy of any information, which you provide whilst visiting such sites and this privacy statement does not govern such sites. You should exercise caution and look at the privacy statement applicable to the website in question.


9. OptOut: 


We have created an opt-out option within our Apps. You may choose it by visiting Privacy Controls and Selection No from Consent Screen, the Consent Screen is shown when you launch the App/Game for the first time, afterwards if you wish to change you can do it from Privacy Controls from within the app. Opting Out will mean that you will still be served ads, but they will not be tailored to your preferences. Opting out will also effect on Analytics and other 3rd Party SDKs used. Please note you cannot OptOut when you are using our website.



10.  Change of the Privacy Policy


10.1.                    Games Astra Studios has the right to change or terminate this Policy unilaterally without any prior notice of the User. The User is recommended to read this Policy in the current version regularly.

10.2.                   A new version of the Policy comes into force upon its publishing unless otherwise stipulated by this new version of the Policy.



11. Dispose Off User Information:


We hereby inform our users that whenever we will not be needed our userís affiliated/non-affiliated information, we will delete all their data, wouldnít matter its nature. Also we will make sure the exact data deletion of our users by all third party partners. Meanwhile, user can also contact us if wish to discard its data/information. But we will be needed some prior information of that user to delete that information of the users. Feel free to contact us on below given email id for further queries and deletion of your data as well.


Email us: